We’re a family hobby farm specializing in registered Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Aside from our nourishing goat milk products, we also enjoy laying hens,  heritage turkeys, meat chickens, and our two guardian dogs.


Meet Argus and Holly, our Great Pyrenees guardian dogs.

Our farm is no stranger to night time critters and bandits. We’re often visited by foxes, raccoons, and many other animals with a keen interest in checking things out.

Luckily we have Holly and Argus. They live full time with the goats, sleeping alongside the does in the barn, and take their jobs very seriously.

Although they might be two of the most friendly “guard” dogs you’ll ever meet, Argus’ sheer size of 150lbs (and even bigger bark) is enough to ward off any critters that come lurking.


All of our products are made right here on the farm.

Slowly but surely our goat milk product operation is taking over areas of our farm that were once designed for something entirely different!

Luckily, one of the advantage of having a homestead like ours is space, allowing us to make everything right here on site without having to outsource to other companies.

This means we get to control 100% of the quality of our products.

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