This mini-dairy goat breed has the benefit of a very high butterfat content in their milk.

This makes for beautiful rich sweet milk, which is great for making our nourishing soaps and lotions. They have the small stature of a mini breed, which means easier to handle, less work (maybe…?) and a fun personality perfectly fit for a pet! In our minds, that’s a win win WIN!!

The Living Quarters

Our goats have two little barns, one for does and kids, and one for bucks.

Both barns have an outdoor fenced in yard, and at night, the goats are locked safely inside (along with our guardian dogs who sleep in the barn with the does).

The barns are draft-free, but not insulated. The reason we didn’t insulate was to avoid excess ammonia build up (they pee and poop where they live and sleep… so glamorous) and any condensation build up causes mold.


Nigerian Dwarf goats eat a diet consisting of mostly high quality hay.

High quality hay means grass/legume hay containing Timothy, Alphalfa, Soy, and Wheat. They also get a mineral supplement, plus  a goat or dairy ration. Our lactating does get extra alphalfa! And we also supplement with a little bit of Black Oil Sunflower Seeds.

We limit the amount of our grain mixture, but the hay and minerals are available all the time, inside and out, all day and all night.

And of course water!

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